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Reverend Jay Webb, Officiant

One thing you probably don't know about me ---- I, myself, have eloped!

It was a perfect fit for us and I will always remember how special our day was for me and my Beloved. 

Hand Drawing

      I go by the nickname “Jay” and would say that I’m a creative soul that has a healthy obsession with painting anything and everything with a rainbow of color. If our paths cross, you’re welcome to ask me what’s the oddest thing I’ve ever painted, as I know the answer will probably surprise you!

Growing up, I’ve been raised in a military family and have lived in memorable places all across the United States...Florida, Maryland, & California to name a few.  I’ve settled with my family in Western North Carolina over two decades ago, and I comfortably call Asheville home.


I am deeply devoted to my family and I believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT--sometimes you just KNOW!  I’ve hardly met anyone who I can’t make smile and I love building lasting friendships with folks from all walks of life.

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